Consumer Education Teacher Resources

Whether they know it or not, your students are consumers in a larger economy. It’s never too early to equip them with the skills they need for understanding and applying personal finance—and for protecting themselves and their money.

For the basics on consumer education, use an all-inclusive lesson on financial literacy, or pass out a full resource book to older learners. Make the lesson engaging with an interactive game that teaches financial concepts with football or a video that explains how consumer behavior affects the greater economy.

Creating a budget is an important skill for young economists, as is understanding the essentials of opportunity costs in their everyday lives. Apply the concepts to learners’ real lives with a lesson on making good financial choices or a unit that incorporates real-world examples.

E-Commerce has made it easier to be a modern consumer, but pupils must be armed with financial protection. Teach them about their rights as consumers and the best ways to maintain their privacy when spending, investing, or saving their money.

Student often complain that they’ll never use school lessons in the real world, but in the case of personal finance, they’d be wrong!


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