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English words can typically be traced back to their culture of origin—which, given the variety of words in the English language, can be anywhere in the world!

Focus on etymology early with an elementary lesson that uses word clues to explore word origin. An etymology project prompts middle schoolers to explore where selected words came from and how they arrived in the modern English language, while a high school curriculum guide focuses on dictionary and thesaurus skills, Greek and Latin roots, and domain-specific language.

Doubt the language of origin? Try out a video that investigates that rogue b in the word doubt, emphasizing that sound is never as important as a word’s history when determining its spelling. Delve more deeply into the mysteries of modern vernacular with another video, which discusses how many odd or irregular words in the English language don’t rely on English spelling or pronunciation patterns at all.

A strong knowledge of etymology can help with students’ spelling, vocabulary, and word usage. And at Lesson Planet, we’ve got a strong selection of etymological resources waiting for you!

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Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

For Teachers 3rd
Third graders read the book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." Using the internet, 3rd graders research weather conditions, plants, animals and foods from different countries. After sharing information, they discuss similarities and...
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The Giver

For Teachers 5th
Fifth graders work together and decide what a word means from context clues and write their best guess of the definition on the chart. They use on line dictionary and find a list of definitions.
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Glencoe Literature Themes: Legends

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Students prepare for and respond to literature selections. This package includes five lessons from the Glencoe Literature series, each covering a different reading selection. Pre-reading and response activities are included for each...
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Context Clues Lesson Plan

For Teachers 9th - 10th
Pupils are introduced to four strategies of context clues. While reading, they use all four strategies in different sections of the reading to determine the meaning of words they are unfamiliar with. To end the lesson, they share new...
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For Students 4th - 5th
In these research skills worksheets, students use the sample dictionary page and its information to answer the ten questions that follow.

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