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3,932 resources with the concept addition

Lesson Planet

Singapore Math: Grade 3a, Unit 2 (Part 7)

For Teachers 3rd
If you need to extend your four-digit addition example problems, this video is perfect. Sal provides a variety of practice problems firmly based on the place value system. Each problem is wonderfully explained using multiple colors and a...
Lesson Planet

Symmetry of the Addition Table

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
Help your class discover the commutative property of addition with this exploration of the addition table. By folding and coloring the table, a symmetry is found that directs students to an understanding of this crucial mathematical...
Lesson Planet

Grade 1: Composing 10

For Teachers 1st
How to make the number 10, let us count the ways! Kids discover different ways they can make the number 10 by adding two numbers together. They work as a class to come up with all the variations or equations that make 10 and then attempt...
Lesson Planet

Grade 1- Mathematical Modeling Using a Domino Mat

For Teachers 1st
Kids use domino mats to model adding zero to a number. They view several example problems, watch the teacher model how to use the domino mat, and then discuss patterns they see with a partner. They then use their own mat to construct...
Lesson Planet

Grade 1 Math: Partner Work, Numbers and Operations, Pattern Recognition

For Teachers 1st
Looking for patterns is a key skill young learners need to know. They build number sense by first looking for number patterns in a series of simple addition and subtraction problems that all involve the number zero. They work with a...
Lesson Planet

Tricky Word Problems - Choosing the Operation

For Students 2nd - 3rd Standards
Decipher the equations in these addition and subtraction word problems. Two examples at the top of the page guide second graders as they solve the rest of the problems. There is no space to write out the equation, but there is a place to...
Lesson Planet

Real-life Word Problems, Part 5

For Students 2nd - 4th Standards
Bring these four word problems to your second grade class to reinforce addition, subtraction, and money math. The problems provide space to write out the proper equations, as well as separate areas to fill in the answers. Use these...
Lesson Planet

Adding/Subtracting Negative Numbers

For Students 7th - 9th
Guiding viewers through adding and subtracting numbers, this video includes many tips to help new learners internalize the concept of a number line. It clarifies the relationship between positive and negative numbers, including the...
Lesson Planet

Egyptian Counting

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Ancient Egyptian's had a fantastic number system and your class gets to use it to practice basic math skills! They are presented with several examples of Egyptian numbers which they use to complete several addition and subtraction...
Lesson Planet

Adding Whole Numbers and Applications 1

For Students 3rd - 5th
Adding double-digit numbers can seem difficult for some students. But, this Khan Academy video makes this process clear in a developmentally sound way. Students watch as 'Sal' adds the number 46 to 43. He references each number by its...
Lesson Planet

Adding Objects in Rectangular Arrays - Step-by-Step Lesson

For Students 1st - 2nd Standards
These aliens will be familiar to any mathematicians who have seen Toy Story! Use an array of them to practice addition and writing number sentences. Because this instructional activity includes the explanation to its one problem, project...
Lesson Planet

Adding Objects in Rectangular Arrays - Matching Worksheet

For Students 1st - 2nd Standards
Each of these number sentences has a corresponding set of blocks, which will no doubt help your visual learners grasp multiple-addend addition. Learners examine the sentences and match them to their block representation. Consider also...
Lesson Planet

So You Want to be a Millionaire - Enrichment 6.6

For Students 4th - 6th
For this adding decimals worksheet, students solve a growing pattern that doubles. They start with 1 cent then double the amount of money each day for 30 days. Kids keep a running total of the amount of money earned in 30 days and...
Lesson Planet

Odd Or Even Sums

For Students 2nd - 3rd
Build strong number sense through pattern recognition. Learners investigate whether the sum of each problem will be odd or even if they add certain combinations of numbers together. They complete 12 problems, adding odd+odd, odd+even, or...
Lesson Planet

Looking Through the Algebraic Lens

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students work with rectangles to find generalizations for adding and subtracting odd and even numbers in part one of the lesson. In part two, students use geoboards to construct polygons, look for patterns, and find a general rule.
Lesson Planet

Christmas Math Addition

For Students K
In this Christmas theme addition worksheet, students add single-digit numbers to five, write the addends, and find the sum. Students write and solve addition sentences.
Lesson Planet

It All Adds Up

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Diane Sawyer sings a counting song with Elmo. They figure out how to involve Abby in their singing. They add as they sing. A teacher could introduce simple addition using this film.
Lesson Planet

Egg Layer Game Show

For Teachers Pre-K - K
It's time for the Egg Layer Game Show. The chickens help the contestant answer simple addition problems. Problems include: 2+1 and 3+3.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Halloween Math Maze: Worksheet 1

For Students 2nd - 4th
After solving the twenty-six addition problems on this ghostly instructional activity, your class must find the path to the haunted house. By following the even-numbered sums, they will find the way! Answers are provided.
Lesson Planet

Who Wants to Win Millions? - Addition

For Teachers 1st - 2nd
Some excellent practice in very basic addition awaits your young mathematicians in this engaging Jeopardy-style game. Pupils can earn hundreds of dollars by answering questions correctly. The categories include: Addition with pictures up...
Lesson Planet

Who Wants to Be a Champion-Addition

For Teachers 2nd
What a terrific way to have your class review addition concepts. Learners play a math game in which they answer questions relating to adding to 10, adding with regrouping, adding without regrouping, and adding three numbers.
Lesson Planet

Make 10: Addition Strategy

For Teachers 1st - 2nd
What a brilliant way to present this topic! This presentation uses counters and an interactive techniques to show young mathematicians how to add numbers by creating groups of ten. The graphics make it easy to understand this concept....
Lesson Planet

Two Digit Addition (with regrouping)

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd
An outstanding PowerPoint presentation on two-digit addition with regrouping awaits your class. The slides present the steps necessary in extremely clear fashion. There are two "internet games" embedded in the final slide that lead to...
Lesson Planet

Unlocking the Secrets of Math: Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Mathematician

For Teachers 6th
Help your students remember math tricks and rules. Review working with positive and negative numbers, decimals, and the order of operations in this engaging presentation.