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3 resources with the keyterm dung beetle

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Lesson Planet

African Dung Beetle

For Teachers 4th - 12th
Without dung beetles, well, there would be a lot more dung lying around. These beetles work together to gather and build dung balls. Watch this video to learn why! Their strength is really quite impressive.
Lesson Planet

Nature's Perfect Recycler

For Teachers 1st - 6th
What a great way to start a recycling lesson! Introduce your students to the dung beetle! They will get a kick out of "nature's perfect recycler," when they learn about the  scarab beetle's way of life: eating dung and rotting...
Lesson Planet

Don't Be Scared of a Scarab!

For Teachers 6th
Illustrations, clip art, and text are present in this PowerPoint which explains why the scarab beetle was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians. Factual information is combined with myth, providing an age-appropriate and interesting...