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3 resources with the keyterm writing systems

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Language and Creativity Video
Language and Creativity
Population Genetics Video
Population Genetics
How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer, a Computer? Video
How Computers Work: What Makes a Computer,...
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Lesson Planet

Chapter 12 Writing: the ABCs of Language

For Teachers Higher Ed
Providing a thorough presentation on the art of written language (and not just English), this slideshow will open your students' eyes to the sociological and linguistic issues surrounding writing systems, both modern and historical. The...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers Higher Ed
Exploring the physiological and regional impacts on articulation, in spoken as well as sign language, this slideshow presents students with various views of how words are produced. Many practical and humorous examples help with both the...
Lesson Planet

Lesson Plan 2--3000 B.C. to 2000 A.D.?

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Students, in groups, study the different writing systems from 3000 B.C. to 2000 A.D.