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Thomas Jefferson - Author of The...
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Lesson Planet

Math Manipulative and Math Teacher Tool Labels

For Teachers Pre-K - 6th
Bring some organization to your class's supply of math manipulatives with this collection of printable labels. From rulers and base-ten blocks, to stopwatches and fraction circles, labels are included for dozens of different objects,...
Lesson Planet

Manipulative Labels

For Teachers K - 6th
Add to the organization of your classroom with this set of labels. From dominoes and pattern blocks, to measuring tools and play money, this resource includes labels for 18 different types of math materials, making it perfect for any...
Lesson Planet

A Five Day Approach to Using Technology and Manipulatives to Explore Area and Perimeter

For Teachers 3rd - 6th Standards
Young mathematicians build an understanding of area and perimeter with their own two hands in a series of interactive geometry lessons. Through the use of different math manipulatives, children investigate the properties of rectangles,...
Lesson Planet

Manipulatives for the Upper Elementary

For Teachers 4th - 6th
An impressive number of math manipulative ideas are available in this math resource. This page is really a resource guide with links to 18 different math manipulative ideas. The ideas are quite good, and the pages are all printable.
Lesson Planet

Math Center Labels

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd
From counters and calculators to pattern blocks and Unifix cubes, this collection of printable labels has exactly what you need to bring some organization to your elementary math class.
Lesson Planet

Jelly Bean Math Activities

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Using jelly beans as math manipulatives can be a tasty way to introduce and reinforce math concepts. Regardless of the time of year, candy can be used to excite learners and facilitate a wide variety of mathematical concepts. 
Lesson Planet

Just Enough Carrots: Math Lesson

For Teachers K - 3rd Standards
Practice addition and subtraction skills with your class. They read Just Enough Carrots, by Frank Remkiewicz, and use math manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction problems associated with the story. This lesson includes group...
Lesson Planet

Call it "Macaroni"

For Teachers 1st - 3rd
Who knew there were so many fun educational opportunities featuring pasta? Scholars read a brief informational text about the history of pasta (note that "macaroni" is spelled two different ways, so address this if kids are reading...
Lesson Planet

Mental Math to Evaluate Products: Mental Math Halloween Candy

For Students 6th
Time to put those mental math strategies into play with an interactive that has learners thinking about how many candies three friends get altogether.
Lesson Planet

A Remainder of One: A Math-Manipulative Lesson

For Teachers K - 5th
Students listen to the reading of the book "A Remainder of One" and use math manipulatives to recreat "bug squadrons".
Lesson Planet

Grade 2 Common Core Math Presentation

For Teachers 2nd
Learners use counters to make a model of tenframes on their math mats. These type of counters are an excellent math manipulative for emerging mathematicians. This PowerPoint has students solve addition problems in a variety of ways by...
Lesson Planet

Money Math

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Is there a better, and more motivating, math manipulative than money? Kids love to use it, and it's a great teaching tool. Here, there are three good activities using coins. Learners create patterns, sort change, and have a...
Lesson Planet

Singapore Math and The Common Core

For Teachers 1st - 3rd
Tackle The Common Core math standards with some help from your friends in Singapore.
Lesson Planet

Problem Solving with Math

For Students 2nd - 3rd
Here, young learners work independently to organize information. They are presented with a word problem about kites, and they are provided with a graphic organizer to help them solve the answer. The use of manipulatives is suggested. 
Lesson Planet

Cut and Paste Counting Monsters

For Students Pre-K - 1st Standards
Young children will have a blast learning how to count these monster math manipulatives. Provided with a series of boxes numbered from 1 to 10, learners must place the correct number of monsters in each space to demonstrate their ability...
Lesson Planet

Linear and Exponential Modeling with Two Variables

For Teachers 8th - 10th Standards
Hands-on activities allow beginners to model and graph equations with two variables. The instructional activity begins with evaluation and discussion of prepared linear graphs. Next, learners use math manipulatives to generate data,...
Lesson Planet

Using Math Virtual Manipulatives

For Teachers 6th
Virtual math manipulatives are tools designed to help pupils understand mathematical concepts. Sixth graders will use a manipulative called Laser Beams to practice estimating to find sums, differences, quotients, and products. This is...
Lesson Planet

Menu Math

For Teachers 4th - 8th
Getting a meal, side dish, drink, and dessert can be delicious—but it can be expensive too! Practice addition and subtraction with money in a lesson that focuses on a sample menu, complete with task cards and word problems.
Lesson Planet

Area Model of Multiplication Using Base 10 Manipulatives

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Explore two-digit multiplication with your class as they work in groups to build models of two-digit multiplication using base 10 manipulatives. They construct rectangles replacing standard numbers with equivalent place values using the...
Lesson Planet

Math at Home: Tips for Basic Addition Problems

For Teachers K - 2nd
Fantastic! This clip is wonderful for homeschoolers, parents who want to help their young mathematicians at home, or a teacher just starting out. Watch as Shey uses a manipulative to solve basic addition problems, and learn how easy it...
Lesson Planet

Hands-On Equations: Teacher Notes

For Students 6th - 7th
Math manipulatives are wonderful for demonstrating any number of mathematical concepts in a concrete and visual way. Learners review the addition property of equality and the zero property using a scale model kit (not shown). They...
Lesson Planet

Digital Story with Math Vocab Words

For Teachers 4th
Create digital stories with your class, in order to help further understand math vocabulary. You can modify this activity idea to any vocabulary lesson plan, whether it be for math, science, or language arts!
Lesson Planet

Saxon Math: Algebra 2 (Section 3)

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
In this third of a twelve-part series, the focus moves from using matrices to solving systems of equations with substitution and elimination, including more than two dimensions and variables in equations, and analyzing statistical data....
Lesson Planet

Using Doubles to Help

For Teachers 1st - 3rd
Help your learners with mental addition as they use doubles facts as a fast track to the sum. Using math manipulatives, partners create models of several near-doubles addition equations. After giving them time to consider patterns, guide...

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