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232 reviewed resources for heart rate and exercise

Lesson Planet

Interactive Heart Rate Worksheet

For Teachers 4th - 5th
Students perform various cardiovascular activities, then complete a worksheet that records their target heart rate.
Lesson Planet

Why Be Active?

For Teachers K - 5th
What are some of the benefits of physical activity? Young learners take a look at not just the physical benefits, but also the emotional and social benefits of being physically active. There is a heart rate activity to count their...
Lesson Planet

Is Your Heart Getting a Good Workout?

For Teachers 2nd - 5th
Young scholars practice raising their heart rates through exercise.  In this physical education lesson, students discover the key to a healthy body is a healthy heart that must be exercised often.  Young scholars perform a sing along and...
Lesson Planet

Graphing Heart Rates

For Teachers 4th
Fourth graders measure and graph their heart rates. In this physical education lesson, 4th graders predict which exercise will cause the greatest heart rate. They perform the exercises and make a graph of the results. 
Lesson Planet

Here's to Your Healthy Heart: Heart Rate Record Work Sheet

For Students 5th - 12th
For this heart rate record work sheet, students record their pulse rate after completing different levels of exercise. Students record their hear rate after walking, doing jumping jacks and running at one minute intervals.
2 In 2 Collections
Lesson Planet

Heart and Circulation

For Students 7th - 12th Standards
Young scientists get to the heart of the matter with this comprehensive review of the circulatory system. Addressing the different anatomical structures and processes involved in pumping blood through the human body, this worksheet is a...
Lesson Planet

Eat Smart Be Smart

For Teachers K - 5th Standards
Get children's blood pumping with this primary grade lesson on the human heart. After learning about the important role this muscle plays in the human body, students monitor their heart rates and discover the importance of staying active.
Lesson Planet

The Human Heart

For Teachers 3rd
Third graders explore the human heart and the circulatory system. They observe how exercise affects the heart rate and how blood vessels carry blood through the heart and body. Students observe how the blood is carried to and from the...
Lesson Planet

Crazy Frog Dance

For Teachers 1st - 5th
Teach your young learners some basic line dance steps. Get them moving to increase their heart rates and to have fun. This dance consists of a few steps and there is a part that is for free-style moves. While the written description is...
Lesson Planet

Real-Life Math | Physical Trainer

For Students 6th - 7th Standards
Train yourself to naturally use math. Young mathematicians first watch a video in which a personal trainer describes math concepts necessary in his daily professional life. After measuring their heart rates, they apply percentages to...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 10th - 11th
Students determine pulse rates using Team Labs heart rate monitor software and probe. They determine the effect on pulse rate of at attention, holding your breath, breathing into a bag, deep breathing, exercise, and make a line graph...
Lesson Planet

In A Heartbeat

For Teachers 7th - 8th
Students discuss scatter plots then create a class scatter plot using their heart rate at rest and their heart rate after a few minutes of aerobic exercises. Students copy the points plotted as a class and create individual graphs...
Lesson Planet

Listen To Your Heart Beat

For Teachers 7th - 10th
Students listen to their heart beats. In this biology lesson plan, students explore pulse rates and factors that cause them to change. Students also construct both a graph to show variation in pulse rates and a simple stethoscope.
Lesson Planet

Investigating the Effect of Physical Exercise On Pulse Rate

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
The final lesson in the 10-part biology series encourages scholars to explore pulse rate. Through measurements of resting pulse and after periods of exercise, scholars graph the changes physical exercise causes.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Healthy Heart

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd
Students examine the functions of the heart and ways to maintain a healthy heart.  In this human body science lesson, students listen to Magic School Bus Inside the Human Heart, and diagram the human heart and blood flow.  Students...
Lesson Planet

Beating hearts

For Teachers 7th - 8th
Students investigate the effect of exercise on heart rate.  In this middle school science lesson, students conduct an experiment in which they do three different exercises and use a CBL 2 to measure heart rate.  Students compare resting...
Lesson Planet

Heart Rate Monitor Warm-up

For Teachers 4th - 5th
Learners use the heart rate monitor and an exercise bike to help them better understand their target heart rate zone. They wear the Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and ride the AirDyne bike (that can also monitor the heart rate) or any of the...
Lesson Planet

A Beating Heart

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students explore the concept of heart rate.  In this heart rate lesson, students calculate their heart rate before and after doing simple tasks such as holding one's breath or jogging in place for a minute.  Students graph their heart...
Lesson Planet

Ventilation and Heart Rate

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Students monitor the heart rate of the test subject using the Exercise Heart Rate Monitor and evaluate the effects of hyperventilation and hypoventilation on heart rate and graph their results.
Lesson Planet

Heart Rate Probes

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students collect heart rate data using probes. In this biology lesson, students explain the factors affecting heart rate. They graph and analyze collected data.
Lesson Planet

Feel the Beat!

For Teachers 3rd
Third graders explore the benefits and work towards maintaining a target heart rate by practicing an aerobic activity. They construct a bar graph of their own heart rates after four, three-minute runs.
Lesson Planet

Exercise and Heartrate

For Teachers 4th
Fourth graders experiment to find the effects of exercise on the heart rate.  In this exercise and heart rate lesson, 4th graders create questions about exercise and heart rate. Students use the scientific method to test and analyze...
Lesson Planet

TE Activity: The Beat Goes On

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students determine what the pulse is before examining how to measure the heart rate in different situations. They build a simple device that measures the heart rate, take heart rates, and record them on a worksheet. They discuss how...
Lesson Planet

Pulse and Blood Pressure

For Students 9th - Higher Ed
For this blood pressure worksheet, students compare their heart rate at rest and after exercise and their blood pressure at rest and after exercise. This worksheet has 6 fill in the blank and 12 short answer questions.

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