A “Commemorative” Bill of Rights

It's 1943, and Jewish people in Denmark are in hiding from the Nazis. What protection can the United States offer them? By examining the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, scholars consider the protections afforded to those living in the United States.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Develop persuasive writing skills by having pupils write letters to the characters in Number the Stars to convince them to come to the United States to live
  • Have students create commemorative stamps for the Bill of Rights
Classroom Considerations
  • Class members should have knowledge of forms of governments, including democracies and dictatorships, as well as founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution
  • Suggestions include a variety of activities that encourage expression through art and writing
  • Resource makes connections between twentieth century history and the Constitution
  • Many supplementary links are broken
  • Resource doesn't include a cohesive lesson plan but rather suggests activities