ABC Template

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Put a twenty-first century spin on a teaching of the alphabet with this Powerpoint template. Including a slide for each letter that reads ___ is for, all you need to do is insert an image for each letter, type in the word, and you're ready to teach.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Regularly update the presentation throughout the year by substituting pictures and words that get progressively more challenging
  • After adding pictures and words to the slides, print them out and display them in the classroom
  • Complete the presentation as a class, having children brainstorm words that start with each letter
  • Print out the slides and have students draw pictures of objects that begin with each letter as part of a weekly letter of the alphabet lesson series
  • Resource is a Powerpoint file that can be modified to meet the needs of teachers
  • Includes a sample presentation that demonstrates how the template can be used in the classroom
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