Activities for "Decreasing Supermarket Tantrums"

Priming and shaping, two teaching strategies used to prepare kids for upcoming activities, are detailed in this resource that models how to prepare kids for a trip to the supermarket. Activities include creating a shopping list, matching object cards to the list, and practicing shopping.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Print and laminate the cards, shopping lists, and worksheet
  • Introduce only one or two items at a time to reduce stress
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource includes ads for additional materials available for purchase; however, no purchase is required to utilize the resource
  • Although designed for learners with autism in a specific situation, the strategies presented here may be applied to other situations and to most young children
  • The 21-page packet includes background information based on research studies, tips, links to information about priming and shaping strategies, step-by-step directions, templates, and worksheets
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