Addressing Misconceptions about New Tobacco Products

Separating the misconceptions from the facts about new tobacco products can be a challenge, especially given the aggressive advertising campaigns that target teens and pre-teens. A poster can help young people get the facts about the health risks of e-cigarettes, as well as other tobacco products.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members research current findings on e-cigarettes and e-liquids and create an updated poster
  • Have class members script and film a public service announcement about e-cigarettes, vaping, and JUULing
Classroom Considerations
  • The poster, published in 2017, but based on 2009-2016 studies, does not reflect current research findings on e-cigarettes and e-liquids
  • The poster addresses popular myths about e-cigarettes, hookahs, menthol cigarettes, cigars, and flavored tobacco products