Analyzing Editing in Film and TV

This Analyzing Editing in Film and TV handout & reference also includes:

Most movies are around two hours long, but that doesn't mean the camera ran for only two hours. Guide high schoolers through the film editing process with a short analysis lesson. After reviewing key terms and strategies focused on film editing, class members consider how editing can change the plot, pace, and tone of a movie.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a film studies class or AV club
  • Pair with a lesson on literature structure to connect the concept of structuring scenes in both film and literature
Classroom Considerations
  • Film images are in black and white, which may affect understanding; considering providing new images or the original images in color
  • Lesson prompts learners to record a scene on a VCR or DVD player; update the instructions to include scenes on YouTube that they can easily play over and over again
  • The lesson is part of a 19-section series on media literacy, and works best in context of the previous few lessons on camera angles, lighting, and sound
  • Engaging for film lovers and filmmakers alike
  • Encourages important comprehension skills that span language arts
  • None
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