Apocalypse Now

A heart attack, threats of suicide, drug-fueled parties, typhoons, over 250 hours of film footage, two years of editing, Academy, Palme d'Or, and Golden Globe awards. It's time to discuss Apocalypse Now! The narrator of this episode in the playlist not only analyzes the film but also includes information about the many challenges Coppola faced while shooting the film.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • After viewing the film, have class members read several reviews and then craft their own
  • Ask those who have studied Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness to craft an essay in which they compare the novel to Coppola's film
Classroom Considerations
  • The film is "R" rated; check your school's policy on assigning the film for in-class or at-home viewing
  • The narrator examines the film through several interpretative lenses
  • None
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