Apple Farm Field Trip

This Apple Farm Field Trip worksheet also includes:

Monitor the growth of young mathematicians with a comprehensive addition and subtraction assessment. Using the context of a class field trip to an apple orchard, this series of four story problems allows children to demonstrate their fluency with adding and subtracting two-digit numbers by implementing strategies of their own choosing. Included is a rubric for grading, the answers and work shown for each problem, as well as a graphic organizer for analyzing the results of the entire class. As either a formative or summative assessment, this is an excellent resource that supports teachers in developing the number sense of primary grade students.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Provides guiding questions for assessing the addition and subtraction strategies used by students
  • Includes numerous samples of student work that demonstrate the different strategies children will use on the assessment
  • Offers extension activities for deepening the number sense of young learners
  • Some copies of student work samples are very light and difficult to read