Applying the Properties of Operations to Add and Subtract Rational Numbers 1

Apply properties of operations to work with mixed numbers. The first lesson of two that works with properties of operations focuses on mixed numbers and converting opposites of sums. Pupils work with properties of operations to break apart mixed numbers to add or subtract them by their components. The class develops an understanding that the opposite of a sum is the sum of the opposites.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the exit ticket to determine groupings for the second day of the lesson over the same concepts
Classroom Considerations
  • Some resources refer to the opposite of a sum as the sum of its opposites or distributing the negative sign
  • The class should be comfortable with adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • The eighth portion of a series of 25
  • Spends time discussing the errors some individuals make and how to combat them
  • Includes a fluency segment
  • None
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