Article III and the Courts

This Article III and the Courts interactive also includes:

What's the best way to make sense of the Constitution?  A helpful lesson contains both the text of Article III and annotation of each of its sections, breaking it down into easy-to-understand parts. It also includes links to a glossary of definitions of potentially challenging terms such as jurisdiction, original jurisdiction, and appellate jurisdiction—terms that are essential in the field of criminology. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign as a guided reading of Article III of the Constitution  
  • Present as an interactive lecture on Article III in a 1:1 classroom 
Classroom Considerations
  • One part of a series of five lessons called the Role of the Federal Courts; effective to use on its own or in combination with the other lessons
  • Geared toward a higher reading level, especially if assigning as independent work
  • The interactive quiz is a fairly simple, but effective, five-question review of Article III of the Constitution
  • Highlighted key terms link to a glossary of definitions
  • The font size is small and navigation is not always clear