Assertive Communication

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New Review

Assertive communication is an acquired skill. Teaching young people to ask for what they need and to believe that they have a right to ask is at the core of a unit on assertive communication. Over the course of the unit, middle and high school scholars engage in activities that permit them to practice positive, assertive behaviors and communication skills.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The "On My Own Two Feet" School Handbook linked in the Included Materials section of this review, designed for professional development training, provides educators with the training they need to institute the program
  • Teachers and counselors may also use the guide independently
  • Save on copying costs and project the illustrated handouts
  • Have pupils create a separate notebook or folder to save all the materials generated in the unit
  • Laminate the situation cards to permit reuse
  • Have class members create a list of helping agencies available on campus and in the community
Classroom Considerations
  • One of seven educational resource materials in the "On My Own Two Feet" series for use in substance abuse education
  • The 17 lessons are designed to be used in order following a logical sequence of assertiveness training
  • Requires copies
  • The unit clearly distinguishes among passive or submissive behavior, aggressive, manipulative, and assertive behavior
  • A grid lays out the aspects of each lesson for instructors
  • Each lesson is richly detailed and carefully scaffolded
  • None