Athens and Olive Oil

Athens had olive oil—and lots of it! However, it needed wheat from the Egyptians. Understanding how societies get what they need through advantage and trade can be complicated. A scripted role-play exercise and in-class production possibilities frontier analysis demonstrate how trade evolves between two ancient societies.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask young scholars to act out the trade patterns between Athens and Egypt using the included script
  • Graph the production possibilities frontier to help individuals apply economic concepts
Classroom Considerations
  • Serves as the ninth of 23 Middle School World History lessons from the Council on Economic Education
  • A variety of modalities of learning intrigue a diverse group of learners
  • Lesson is adaptable to a variety of units of study
  • Instructions for production possibilities frontier are not included in the lesson plan
  • Complicated script for the role play may be difficult to use in all classrooms
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