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Baseball is an American pastime, super fun to play, and can be made accessible to learners with visual impairments. Instead of taking to the ball field, your class can learn the rules of the game by playing a small three-dimensional version that can be constructed in the classroom. Each team will step up to the proverbial plate, take a swing, and try to land their ball in one of three boxes on the field. They'll move their pieces around the board just like you would if you were running the bases. The great thing about this game is that it provides a tangible context for children who have never seen a baseball game. It would be great to play when reading a book about baseball or to make listening to a ball game on the radio more enjoyable.

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  • Fun activity to engage the senses 
  • Addresses many adaptive core skills
  • Multisensory activity
  • Great for teaching recreation and leisure skills
  • Instructions for constructing the game not included