Breathing With a Pinwheel

A pinwheel encourages deep breathing to calm one's body and recenter their thoughts. Scholars breathe into a personal pinwheel with different types of breathing patterns then answer a question about how they feel. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make pinwheels using construction paper, push pins, and a small dowel
  • Before blowing into the pinwheel walk learners through the process of calming their bodies, name parts to wiggle to let go of any tension
  • With one hand holding the pinwheel, direct pupils to put their other hand on their stomach to encourage and feel a deep breath
Classroom Considerations
  • Take into consideration those that may have difficulties with breathing, such as those that have asthma or illness
  • Boosts social-emotional learning concept, self-awareness
  • The practice works for inside and outside of school
  • Lowers stress and brings forth mindfulness
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