Building Evidence-Based Arguments: “Doping can be that last 2 percent.”

Even the most thrilling sports career can end in an asterisk if the player uses performance-enhancing drugs. Focused on the topic of doping in sports, a seventh grade unit breaks down the arguments for and against steroids in five sections, which guide readers through understanding the issue, analyzing and evaluating the arguments, developing a position, and organizing and developing their own claims.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Pair with a social studies unit about current issues, or with a health class to discuss performance-enhancing drugs
  • Use the lessons when discussing the validity and reliability of sources
  • Encourages learners to craft their own arguments about the topic
Classroom Considerations
  • Refer to page 5 for a unit outline, and page 7 for a list of necessary texts for each section
  • Includes all necessary worksheets, reading material, and handouts
  • Provides an array of background texts and topical news articles and columns
  • Promotes collaboration and inquiry-based research
  • None