Bullying: Grades 3-5

New Review

Two activities spotlight the concept of bullying. The first activity begins with defining and identifying characteristics of bullying. Small groups then role-play scenarios in which they practice techniques to handle a bully. The second activity creates an anti-bullying program with the main goal being to create a safe learning environment. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Post discussion questions on a classroom blog, direct pupils to answer the questions for homework before conducting the activities
  • Invite the principal to be part of the anti-bullying program
  • Quiz learners before and after the activities then discuss answers
Classroom Considerations
  • Play close attention to how class members respond to the topis, take action for those that require assistance
  • Preparation includes making copies
  • Resource comes with a quiz and its answer key
  • Encourages peers to treat each other with kindness

  • None