Central Conflict in Eagle Song (Revisit Chapter 1, Begin Chapter 2)

This Central Conflict in Eagle Song (Revisit Chapter 1, Begin Chapter 2) lesson plan also includes:

While continuing to read the book Eagle Song, your class learns to cite specific details when answering questions and to use context clues when encountering unknown words. Learners begin by listening as the teacher reads aloud the first pages of chapter 2, before working in small groups to answer text-dependent questions using sticky notes to locate supporting evidence in the book. Next, the teacher models the process of using context clues to define new vocabulary, focusing on the words before and after the unfamiliar term to deduce its meaning. Learners then continue to read the chapter independently, identifying supporting details for the remainder of the text-dependent questions, finally discussing the answers with their group. An excellent lesson plan that teaches young readers to support their answers to reading comprehension questions with evidence from the text.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Supports all learners through differentiation
  • Clear learning objectives
  • Comprehensive lesson plan
  • Requires class set of the book Eagle Song by Joseph Bruchac