Cleaning Data

"Clean the data!" "I did not know it was dirty." Introduce your class to the process of cleaning data so that it can analyze it. Groups work through a guide that demonstrates the common ways to filter and sort data. Pairs then discover that they need to summarize some data in a subjective way in order to analyze it. The activity builds critical thinking skills.

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Instructional Ideas
  • If survey data does not exist, you can create data that needs to be cleaned
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson uses the survey data that students started collecting in the beginning of the unit
  • You will use the cleaned data in the following lesson, so be sure to save it
  • 13th lesson in a unit of 15
  • The lesson uses data that is personal to the class since they created it
  • The forum provides some insight in how to teach the lesson
  • If you are not comfortable working with raw data, this lesson may present a struggle