Comparatives & Superlatives in Spanish

Who is taller? And who is the tallest? Help your Spanish language learners express comparison by teaching them about comparatives and superlatives. The first part of the webpage includes in-depth explanations with examples of comparatives and superlatives that could inform instruction or act as a student reading assignment in a flipped classroom. You might also use the provided slide show to present and practice the information in class. Since there is a good amount of detailed information included here, consider breaking it up over several class periods.

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  • The At a Glance tab on the webpage distills the information effectively; great for creating a handout or student reference page
  • Highlights different parts of speech in different colors to clarify concepts
  • While the webpages lists this as a lesson, there are no instructional steps or procedures included and you will most likely need to supplement the slides or information with additional activities