Constitution Day Rap

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Engage your class while learning about the US Constitution with this fun primary grade social studies lesson. After viewing a picture of the US Constitution, young learners piece together a US flag using stars and stripes with facts about the Constitution written on them. The lesson concludes with the class learning and reciting a rap all about this historical document.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Implement this lesson as a celebration of Constitution Day in the primary grades
  • When creating the class flag, have students record the state names and Constitution facts on their own individual copies of the flag
  • Create a recording of the "Constitution Day Rap" with each student reciting one or two individual lines from the song
Classroom Considerations
  • "The Constitution Day Rap" is long and includes language young children may find difficult. Support students by going through the song one line at a time, having kids repeat after you
  • Provides teachers with extensive background information about the US Constitution
  • Includes stars and stripes templates to use when creating the class flag
  • Separate lists of US Constitution facts are provided for first and second graders
  • A picture of the actual US Constitution is included for displaying to the class
  • Lyrics for the "Constitution Day Rap" are included with the lesson
  • None