CTE Toolkit Lesson Plans and Handouts

Learners find a career of their choosing and study a realistic idea of the educational path to reach that career, in this well-laid-out unit made up of five lessons and an anticipatory, collaborative introduction. Handouts accompany each lesson to guide learners on their path. After exploring WhoDoUWant2B.com and taking the self-assessments, learners write a persuasive composition for lesson one. In lesson two, they identify a career pathway using the tear sheets from the CTE Toolkit and exploring the WhoDoUWant2B.com and California Career Zone sites. All the while generating questions about the readings, synthesizing information, and ultimately writing an explanatory paper. Lesson three directs learners to collaboratively discuss Career Technical Education (CTE) courses needed for their career paths using a Career Sector Pathway sheet from the CTE Toolkit, and write a letter to a counselor (high school or college) regarding their requirements for their chosen career. Next, learners collaboratively prepare and practice interview questions in order to interview an industry sector employee in lesson four. Finally, learners prepare for a speaking engagement to deliver a presentation on their chosen career path to their peers.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Aside from the very important goal of career exploration, this unit covers reading comprehension, writing applications, and presentation requirements found in many state standards
Classroom Considerations
  • These lessons utilize the CTE Toolkit
  • Well organized and complete with lesson plans and handouts
  • Includes faculty discussion questions
  • Associated website contains many additional resources
  • None