Depression: Grades 6-8

Over two lessons, scholars examine depression—what it is, signs of it, and ways to cope. Through discussion, reading articles, writing a resource, and completing worksheets, participants make their way through the learning process, gaining insight into a disorder that could affect them, their family, and friends. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite the school's counselor to speak to add to the discussion about depression
  • Check-in one-on-one with class members to see how they are feeling
  • For those that do not wish to share their feelings in public, allow them to write their answers in a journal
Classroom Considerations
  • Depression could be a highly triggering topic, set up an environment that promotes healthy and safe dialogue
  • Keep an eye out for pupils that exhibit signs of depression, take necessary steps to get them the help they need
  • Each lesson comes with an extension activity
  • Provides a quiz and answer key
  • Offers ample opportunity to boost listening and speaking skills
  • None