Do Your Own Thing Guide: For Teens

This Do Your Own Thing Guide: For Teens activity & project also includes:

What do your teenagers feel passionate about? Incorporate their ideas and concerns into a service learning project. After researching the topic that interests them the most, learners implement their ideas to help their communities, both local and global, and reflect on the process.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Connect to a language arts class for a deeper research and writing project
  • Include in a school-wide focus on community service
  • Incorporate into a social studies lesson on human rights issues around the world, or scale it down for local issues of concern
Classroom Considerations
  • Packet is in color, but printing in black and white won't impede understanding
  • Resource is 15 pages long; consider projecting the pages onto the whiteboard and having learners write their responses into a notebook rather than printing the packet for all pupils
  • The sixth page uses principals instead of principles
  • Provides a sample project plan
  • List of additional resources makes a great beginning to a research project
  • None