Drugs Awareness

The final lesson in a series of 10 focusing on Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual (SPECS) health investigates the effects of legal and illegal substances, their risks, and the consequences of their misuse.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Before conducting the lesson, determine the support systems available on campus and in the community
  • Because the presentation reflects Irish law, have groups investigate the classification of and the penalties for the use and possession of the drugs mentioned in the presentation in their area
Classroom Considerations
  • The series presumes that a protocol has been established that permits a safe and respectful discussion of highly-charged issues
  • The definitions, classifications, and drug laws described in the PowerPoint presentation reflect Irish law
  • The nine-page packet includes information sheets on types of drugs, their effects, risks, and addictive properties


  • The labeling of the handouts may prove confusing since they have both a resource number and an activity number