Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Create and share interactive lessons, diagrams, and homework help with a recordable whiteboard that makes learning easy. Record your voice, handwriting, images, and drawings. Share them with your friends and students, or post them to Facebook, or your own blog.  

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App Overview

Begin your whiteboard presentation by choosing your background, the color of your pen, and any images that are needed for the project at-hand. Tap the red record button and let your teaching begin.


  • Backgrounds include white, lined, graph, or coordinate grid paper
  • Write in blue, red, green, or gray
  • Tap the record button and start writing, get your images ready, or begin speaking, to begin your lesson
  • Place text boxes where needed, and move them around if they are in the way
  • Use your images in Dropbox, camera roll, photo albums or from the web
  • If you need to search the web, the presentation pauses while you search
  • Use as many slides as you need to let your lesson work
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Instructional Ideas
  • Flip the classroom easily
  • Use for student presentations
  • Post tutoring on your webpage
  • E-mail students' answers to their questions  
Classroom Considerations

One might find it limiting that once a presentation is created, it cannot be edited, and videos are unable to be uploaded for use.  

  • Very easy to use
  • If you make a mistake during the lesson, you don't have to start over—just keep going
  • Cannot edit presentations once saved
  • Cannot add video