Emotions Color Wheel

Support emotional development with a color wheel featuring a variety of feelings. Each expression comes equipped with an informative pop-up offering a picture, its etymology, a definition, and an example statement. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create an emotions-themed bulletin board—take a picture of learners making a face that reflects an emotion 
  • Print and laminate a color wheel for individuals to read when they have difficulty identifying their feelings
  • Give class members a scenario then challenge them to identify the emotion an individual may feel 
Classroom Considerations
  • Preview each emotion and the example that's provided to confirm its level of appropriateness for your population 
  • Requires a computer or mobile learning device for every child or small group 
  • Although designed for learners with autism, the emotions wheel is appropriate for all learners
  • Helps learners, those with special needs such as autism and without, properly identify or express feelings 
  • Includes several printable options 
  • None