Fact vs. Opinion

Many informational texts are written as factual, but can your learners determine when an opinion is presented as fact? Have your kids read several articles on the same topic and record the statements that contain either facts or opinions. After they finish, they write a short summary of facts and discuss their own opinion on the subject.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the higher-level assignment in an advanced placement or honors class
  • Lower-level lesson would be a great addition to a reading intervention class or small group
  • Have kids scan additional informational texts throughout the year (newspapers, magazines, online articles) and periodically reassess their views of fact and opinion
  • A great way to prepare kids for a research project in which they must assess the validity of their sources
  • Differentiated into three different levels, based on the reading levels of your learners
  • Includes extensive objectives and aligned standards 
  • None