Finding the Positive

To instill the importance of a positive classroom community small groups create a collage out of magazine clippings that highlight three characteristics of self-awareness. Written examples accompany the finished product. Groups turn in their collages then reflect on two questions in a journal. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Pose reflection questions on a classroom blog—direct pupils to answer each question using complete sentences and reply to at least one peer 
  • Brainstorm and assign other roles within cooperative learning groups 
  • Create an anchor chart that defines self-awareness, display it alongside collages 
Classroom Considerations
  • Preview magazine to confirm the material is appropriate before allowing class members to browse them 
  • The first of three lessons that focus on positive thinking 
  • The plan indicates a counselor leads the lesson; however, a classroom teacher can also 
  • An opening character catches learners' attention 
  • Participants work in cooperative learning groups and make use of jobs
  • None