Flower Chart

Grow your pupils' ability to meet expectations with a flower-themed behavior tracking system. Individuals receive flower petals to put on their stems after successfully meeting expectations for activities and lessons. They can receive rewards after each lesson and at the end of the day.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Adapt the exact procedure to fit your class and management style
  • Laminate the flower page and the petals so that they last a long time; you might even use Velcro to attach each petal so that they don't fly off every time someone walks by
Classroom Considerations
  • This could end up being overly complicated, and you might end up with petals all over the place; adapt as you see fit
  • When implementing this system in a general education class, you may wish to speak with the special education teacher if you are working with one of his or her students
  • Provides a very visual representation of expectations met
  • Uses two incentives: one immediate, and one after the entire school day
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