Forming a Research-Based Claim: Cascading Consequences Charts

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Life is all about choices and consequences. Using a Cascading Consequences chart, scholars create a visual map of the effects of a particular choice or action related to water management. With their researcher's notebooks and copies of Charles Fishman's The Big Thirst in hand, pupils work with partners to add information to the chart.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Pre-teach the concept of consequences by offering various examples
  • Have partners discuss whether the word consequence has a positive or negative connotation, and why
Classroom Considerations
  • Installment 11 of 17 consecutive lessons from the Grade 7 ELA Module 4B, Unit 2 series
  • Provides very detailed teaching notes to help make the lesson a success
  • Includes strategies for accommodating the needs of many learning styles
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