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Split the class in half. Set up two cones on opposite ends of the gym, using the gym lines as boundaries. These are the jails. The object of the game is to tag another player that is "older" (not in age) than another. The "fresher" a player is, the less likely they can be tagged. If a player gets tagged by a fresher player, then they go to the other team's jail. When a player leaves jail they are "fresh" and have a lesser chance of getting tagged. This continues for several rounds.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show the video to class members to help them understand how to play
  • Use two sets of different colored pinnies/jerseys to signify players on the different teams
Classroom Considerations
  • Intended for the gymnasium
  • Only requires cones
  • Allows for continuous running
  • Fun for children to play a new mix on a tag game
  • May be difficult for some pupils to understand