Get in Touch with Nature

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Take a trip to the Colombian rainforest through the sense of touch. Here, class members discover what's inside a mystery box: wood, cinnamon, Brazil nuts, a banana, and orange. Then, the class takes a trip outside for a tree rubbing activity to observe the patterns they create and discuss the barks' similarities and differences.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage physical activity and family time; provide scholars with paper and crayons to take home and complete the tree rubbing activity
  • Go on a buddy nature walk; direct one buddy to blindfold themselves as the other buddy takes them to different trees, plants, etc., to touch and guess what they are feeling 
  • If tree names are unknown, search the Internet for its correct name using descriptive words 
Classroom Considerations
  • This lesson is the fifth of six from the Rainforest Alliance early childhood activities
  • Take classroom allergies into consideration prior to bringing in items for mystery boxes 
  • The lesson sparks dialogue and gets kids outdoors 
  • None