Goals Setting

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You can reach your goals, if you're SMART about it! Teach your class to how build specific goals that include all the elements of the acronym SMART. The plan includes detailed procedures for the teacher and requires pupils to think critically about the goals they set.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this at the beginning of the year to set goals for the school year (academic and personal), and revisit it every few months to check on progress or add new goals
Classroom Considerations
  • Due to recent controversy, you may wish to substitute the Bill Cosby success story with a different success story
  • Comes with several graphic organizers and worksheets to help your pupils plan specific and attainable goals
  • Provides some sample goal-setting situations that you can use to model the process
  • The SMART acronym will help students create goals as well as a plan to reach them
  • None