Gold Ore and Smelters

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Young historians travel back through time as they explore Colorado's gold rush in this social studies lesson. After reading a first hand account of a woman's experience in a smelting facility, students complete the included graphic organizer as they determine the sequence of events involved in processing ore into beautiful gold bricks.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include this lesson in a unit on the gold rush or as a stand-alone language arts lesson on sequence of events
  • After completing the sequence of events worksheet on their own, allow children time to share their ideas with a partner or small group before having a whole class discussion
  • If possible, bring in a sample of gold, silver, copper, or even iron ore as well as samples of the corresponding pure metals to reinforce students' understanding of smelting
  • All supporting materials are included with the lesson
  • Offers critical thinking questions to guide young readers as they examine the primary source document
  • Lesson can easily be adapted to meet Common Core standards in the upper-elementary grade levels
  • None