Grade 10 ELA Module 4: Unit 2, Lesson 18

Macbeth describes life as a light and a candle, suggesting it is fleeting and meaningless. Using the resource, scholars engage in an evidence-based discussion and complete a Quick Write about Shakespeare's use of figurative language in Macbeth. Pupils also engage in a group discussion to prepare for an upcoming interpretive dramatic reading of scenes from the play. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners practice using figurative language by completing the following prompt: Life is like ___.
Classroom Considerations
  • Part 18 from the 26-installment Grade 10 ELA Module 4, Unit 2 series
  • Print copies of the short response rubric and checklist 
  • Provides a learning sequence indicating the percentage of time each activity takes 
  • Includes symbols showing teacher actions, possible student responses, and instructional notes
  • None