Hands On Activities and Projects in Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, & Personal Finance

Your learners will enjoy this conglomerate of hands-on activities and projects that can be used in algebra one and two, geometry, and personal finance. Rich in math standards, these projects reach into learners' lives to motivate and integrate the learning experience.

Learners research an influential person in mathematical history and build a box or toy on which to display the information. Next, they set up an imaginative question-and-answer scenario where algebra one concepts are discussed. They highlight ideas, formulas, and examples including real-world applications as they write a book that summarizes the semester's concepts. You will also find: a scavenger hunt to practice measurement, area, and volume based at school, a Valentine’s Day math writing project to practice vocabulary, a project for building a model of a mall or a town (where the teacher is the mayor) using geometry concepts, making a geometry notebook, and many more fun learning opportunities that all use mathematics in a fun way for learners.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Enrich the learning and motivate your learners with these real-life activities and projects that are grounded in math standards
  • Infuse your yearly plan of math lessons with rich lessons like these and enjoy watching your learners learn to enjoy learning again. 
Classroom Considerations
  • Teaching more math in less time is quite a challenge; but here are some applied projects and hands-on activities that use real, applied life to motivate and teach more math, with deeper understanding in the same or less time than some other lessons
  • Some activities include solutions
  • Lesson plans are included
  • Includes rubric and formula sheets
  • Teaching tips included in some lesson plans 
  • Data sets and learning maps including scalfolding are included
  • None
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