Health Insurance

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Confused by how health insurance works? This informational pamphlet and worksheet from the Missouri Department of Insurance offers explanations and examples to help future adults make important decisions regarding health insurance.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as a in-class activity in consumer math
  • Have class members investigate the types of health insurance available in their local communities
Classroom Considerations
  • Teacher guide indicates that participants should already be somewhat familiar with health insurance terms
  • Definitions for different types of insurance policies and policy terms are included in the reading passage
  • Some different cases are given for consideration
  • The concept of a "stop-loss point" is introduced in the example, but it is not listed in the vocabulary terms
  • The pamphlet seems to be cobbled together from different resources; the title of one page indicates "Step 2: Cover Yourself," but Steps 1 and 3-4 are not given in the pamphlet
  • The information is dated