How are Equality and Equity Different?

Equality does not equal equity. That's the take-away from a lesson plan that asks young people to consider what could be done to make a variety of situations more just, more equitable. After examining images that illustrate the difference between equality and equity, groups suggest ideas for a city that has more parks per resident in one sector than another, or to a situation where computer access is not the same in all schools in a city. the groups ideas are then posted on a word wall for all to consider.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Instructors should set aside time to read the linked background materials before conducting the lesson
  • Enlarge and post the images that demonstrate the differences between equality and equity
Classroom Considerations
  • Third in a series of eight lessons in an Environmental Justice, Equity, and Health unit
  • Lessons are cumulative and designed to be presented in order
  • Requires copies and index cards
  • Provides suggested answers for the Equality vs (In)Equity worksheet
  • None