How Do I Respond?

This How Do I Respond? printable & template also includes:

Help your learners respond to feelings of anger appropriately by working with them to brainstorm fitting responses to stressful situations. This organizer includes a list of anger-causing situations paired with images, a column for an angry response, and a column for a non-angry response. Some blank spaces are also provided if there are other situations you want to add.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Pair this with additional materials and lessons that teach learners positive social and emotional skills
  • Model some angry and non-angry responses for your pupils so that they can see the difference
Classroom Considerations
  • The only real difference between the featured resource and the resource in the materials titled Version 2 is that some of the clipart is different; choose your preferred version
  • The first situation is completed as an example and shows a possible angry and non-angry response
  • None