How Ecosystems Work

The interactions among the members of an ecosystem are what keeps all organisms living together successfully. Using an informative PowerPoint, individuals learn about how energy cycles through ecosystems in food chains and food webs. They determine the importance of abiotic factors in supporting life on Earth and how organisms bounce back from catastrophic events in succession. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Introduce the flow of energy in ecosystems, then have pupils create their own food chains and food webs
  • Have scholars research one of the four geological cycles in more detail and present the information to the class 
  • Help learners identify examples of succession they see around the places they live
Classroom Considerations
  • Fifth in an 11-part Environmental Science PowerPoints series
  • Works well in the series or as a standalone resource
  • Contains relevant images, graphs, and examples
  • Great to use in a variety of science courses including environmental science, life science, and earth science
  • None