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Controversial issues, are by definition, topics about which rational people disagree. The challenge is to conduct a discussion of these often emotionally charged topics in a respectful way. Introduce your class to the concept of a Structured Academic Controversy (SAC). Using primary source documents related to the topic of immigration, the instructor models for class members how to develop active listening skills, how formulate and analyze claims, reasons, evidence, counterclaims, and rebuttals. As guided practice, pairs and then groups follow the modeled process with the remainder of the documents contained in the packet. Drawing on information contained in the documents, the class engages in a structured discussion of immigration and state and federal immigration policy. To conclude the exercise, individuals reflect on their learning experience. The carefully crafted, detailed plan would make a powerful addition to your curriculum library.

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CCSS: Designed
  • After introducing the concept of a Structured Academic Controversy (SAC), the instructor reviews essential terms and uses two separate resources to model the process for conducting respectful civic discourse
  • Careful scaffolding encourages learners to examine multiple perspectives and to evaluate claims and supporting evidence
  • The essential question and the variety of primary source documents force participants to consider the many facets and complexity of the topic
  • The discussion rubric, graphic organizers, and worksheets are designed for and directly tied to the lesson objectives and Common Core standards
  • None