Ingredients of a Relationship Recipe

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An eye-catching hook makes a smart analogy between ingredients for a food recipe and ingredients for quality relationships. Scholars discuss and list qualities they feel contribute to positive interactions. Pupils create a recipe card based on their discussion. On one side, learners list ingredients aka character traits; on the second side, they write a personal goal for they plan to improve their interpersonal skills. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Make copies of completed recipe cards to allow pupils to reference their work regularly and provide informative material for their schoolmates 
  • Revisit their goal at a later time, conduct a grand conversation about whether their goal was met, how they got it, or what they should do to help meet their goal 
  • Create large-scale recipe card, encourage scholars to add to it as they think of more qualities  
Classroom Considerations
  • This resource is the first of five that examine aspects of positive relationships
  • Take extra precaution when bringing in food so as not to cause any allergic reactions 
  • The lesson can be taught by either a counselor or classroom teacher 
  • The hook is highly engaging 
  • Improves social and emotional learning development, particularly with the concept of relationship skills
  • None
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