Interpreting Expressions

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Here is one instructional activity on interpreting algebraic expressions. Pupils evaluate expressions given an input, play a game in cooperative groups, match algebraic expressions to their quantity in context, and participate in a group discussion. The plan concretely connects the abstract expressions of Algebra to real-life situations. Your class will be hooked with the mention of chocolate.

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CCSS: Designed
Additional Tags
  • Well-organized lesson plan
  • Learners connect algebra expressions to real-world applications and scenarios
  • Learners use logical reasoning to explain their matches and possible misconceptions associated with the expressions
  • Achievement of a deep understanding of interpreting algebra expressions
  • Mistake in Lesson Tasks, section four (should be a y instead of an x for the second truck's capacity)
  • Multiplication and division symbols missing in some expressions in Matching Activity. However, this can become a challenge to students to find some common misconceptions and correct them