Invisible Man: Crash Course Literature

John Green, the narrator of a Crash Course Literature episode focusing on Invisible Man, offers his analysis of Ralph Ellison's novel. Using evidence from the text, Green details why Ellison's novel should be considered as a seminal work not only on the black experience in post-World War II America but also on those who find meaning in the "lower frequencies" of life.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Due to the extensive plot summary, the video is most appropriate after readers have finished the novel
  • Ask class members to craft a reflective essay in which they identify the "Lower Frequencies" on which Ellison speaks for them
Classroom Considerations
  • One of six PBS resources focusing on Invisible Man
  • Requires users to register for a free PBS account
  • Presumes viewers are familiar with the Crash Course video protocols which include the narrator's asides
  • The video ends with an ad
  • Green offers a detailed summary of key events in the novel and analyzes why those episodes are significant
  • None